Tuesday 28 Mar 2017

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Over 60 Years Experience

Launched in 1952, the New Musical Express is the world's greatest and most influential weekly music magazine, known globally as the NME. Since those early days we've been responsible for:

  • Creating the first UK singles chart
  • Hosting The Beatles, The Rolling Stones & The Kinks at our live shows
  • Bringing punk to the wider world
  • Breaking acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Sex Pistols, The Cure, The Stone Roses, Nirvana, Blur, Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys
  • Pioneering funny, critical and truth-telling music journalism

Ultimately we remain the world's most recognized and iconic music magazine!

From stunning features through to our unique inside information, NME has a proud and colourful history.

  • The break-up of The Beatles? We were there
  • The death of Elvis? We splashed it on our cover
  • The Sex Pistols? Hey, they sang about us!
  • The birth of Acid House? We told you about it when everyone else was running scared

Then we helped a grieving alternative music nation through the death of Kurt Cobain, partied with the Britpop elite, and fell in love with the exciting sounds coming out of New York at the start of the decade. And we told you about it all through swaggering prose and iconic, groundbreaking photography.

We're still doing it today too, recently covering such matters as the rise of dubstep, the new US indie invasion and the rebirth of slacker-rock. If some epoch-making scene is breaking, we're there to tell you about it first. We're covering, and making, musical history every week.

We're the magazine that bands read. There isn't one magazine guaranteed to give an as truthful, honest, informed account of what's going down in music as NME. And we do it because we don't want to be lied to either – after all, this is rock'n'roll we're talking about, it's too important for that.